Drag&Drop Email List Manager


This tutorial assumes you have Drag&Drop E-mail List Manager (Download) open

Learn how to extract e-mail addresses from any web page.

  1. Press the left mouse button down and hold on address Icon

  2. Move mouse to E-mail list manager window and release

Example of how to drag & drop a hyper-link and extract e-mail addresses

  1. Press the left mouse down and hold on this link.
  2. Move mouse to E-mail list manager window and release

How to remove addresses from your list

  1. Select the addresses below and press [Ctrl-C]
  2. Switch to Drag&Drop E-mail List Manager
  3. Select mode:remove
  4. Right click on list
  5. Select paste
    Notice that these two addresses have now been marked for delete.
  6. Select tools:purge
    Now the two addresses have been purged.

Tutorial about extracting e-mail addresses from Outlook

  1. Make sure Outlook is open and you are looking at the InBox
  2. Press [Ctrl-A] to select all the messages
  3. Select File:Save As "outlook.txt"
  4. Switch to Drag&Drop E-mail List Manager
  5. Select File:Import "outlook.txt"

Learn about how to build an e-mail list from a web page

You can easily build your own lists by placing the code below on your own webpages. Many web sites, especially eBay, let you post html can do this for you. What happens is that a new subscriber clicks on your link and it sends an e-mail from their computer to your inbox. Then use Drag&Drop E-mail List Manager to add it to your list! Simply replace the email address subscribe@jgilmore.com with your address.

Simple Link style

See how it works Subscribe
Form style
See how it works:

How Outlook can automatically add subscribers to a list

  1. With the simple code below, you can make Outlook automatically save all incoming subscriber emails to your list!
  2. Tools:Macro:Visual Basic Editor [Alt-F11]
  3. Double click on "ThisOutlookSession"
  4. Copy and paste the code below in the code window
  5. Save your changes

How to get and use your emails from PayPal's history download

  1. Go to your PayPal history download Click here to go directly there now
  2. Click on the "custom date range" radio button
  3. Select the date you want to download from
  4. Select "comma delimited - all activity" from the drop down "File Types for Download:" box.
  5. Press the "Download History" button
  6. Save as "Download.csv"
  7. Drag and drop the file "Download.csv" to Drag&Drop Email List Manager
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